Admission Guidelines 2022 -2023

New Admission - No vacancy for civilians in Any Class


1.         Admissions for all classes (i.e. class Ist to XIIth) will open for wards of Army Personnel and ESM Army Personnel with effect from 01 Mar 2022, as per priority mentioned in Red Book (Edition) 2019.

2.         Admission Procedure.    Admissions of students in Army Public School, Jaipur are totally functional electronically on digicamp website ( Brief procedure for admissions through digicamp along with a list of required documents are enclosed herewith as per appendix. The priorities for admission subject to availability of seats will be as under: –

(a)       Priority I.       Children of serving Army personnel including DSC (Ex-Army) posted in Jaipur and field, children of Army Widow and children of those TA personnel who have min  5 years embodied service.            

(b)       Priority II.      Children of Ex-Army personnel retired / invalided out on medical grounds with pension, DSC personnel retired with pension from DSC who are resident of Jaipur.

(c)        Priority III.     Children of serving Air Force, Naval and coast guard personnel posted in jaipur or field.

(d)       Priority IV.    Children of retired Air Force, Naval and coast guard personnel who are residents of Jaipur.

3.         For admission in class 1st.    Birth certificate of child issued by Gram Panchayat / Registrar / Municipal Corporation, Nagar Nigam and copy of part II order duly attested by unit concerned are must required as proof of age . Age for admission in class Ist as on 31 Mar 2022 should be 5 years (Five Years).

4.         Evaluation Test.    For the candidates coming from schools other than Army Public Schools, an Evaluation Test(As per para 199 of Red Book (Edition) 2019) for seeking admission in classes IX to XII will be carried out to assess the academic standard of the applicants. No Evaluatio Test for the candidates seeking admission in the classes II to VIII.

5.         Admission in Class XI.    

(a)       Process for admission in class XI starts along with class X final examination.  During examination, students are informed to apply for admission in class XI just after the declaration of results of class X.  It will be considered as a fresh admission in class XI, so it is compulsory to apply for admission in class XI. Otherwise, students will not get admission in any stream of class XI.