1. Land
    (a) Is school on A1 land ? (Y/N) : Yes.
    (b) Is it on leased land ? (Y/N) : NO.
    (c) AWES Land ? (Y/N) : NO.
  2. Building
    (a) Regular MES construction Under AMWP (Y/N) : Yes.
    (i) For number of students : 2500
    (ii)Year of completion : 2009
    (b) Re-appropriated barracks (Y/N) : NO.
    (c) Mix of (a) and (b) (Y/N) : NO.
    (d) TRS (Y/N) : Yes, 26 class rooms(Pre fabricated) 6 class rooms Grants-in Aid (GIA).
    (e) Constructed from Regimental Funds : Yes, from school fund.
    (f) Total Number of Rooms : 119
    (i) Number of class rooms : 92
    (ii)Number of sections : 92
    (g) Are you short of class rooms, If so how many? : Yes. 03 Classrooms.
    (h) Action taken to make up the short fall in class rooms : Case for 26 classrooms is in progress.
    (j) Gen condition of bldg Good/Fair/Bad/Dilapidated : Class rooms in the new building are in good state while prefabricated class rooms have outlived their life.