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                  April (Working days21)


School reopens  (7:30 am to 1:40pm)


Good Friday -GH


First Saturday off for all

05th -10th April
7th April 21
9th April 21
10th April 21

Regular Classes Teaching Days((6)
Clubs for Class 5
 Enactment using Proverbs –Class V-VIII
Orientation Program for Class-V

 12th -17th April
14th April 2021
16th April 2021
17th April 2021

Regular classes Teaching Days(4)
Ambedkar Jayanti-GH
Historical Character Depiction for Class IV&V
Third Saturday off for students

21st April


23rd April

Regular Classes (Teaching Days 5)

Inter-School interaction in Jaipur and Mayo College
Inter-house Table Tennis (SW)

26th -30th April
29th April 21


30th April 21

Regular Classes (Teaching Days 5)
AWES Day (Special assembly)
Inter-house Poster making competition

Interactive session with Parents for classes I-VIII


May(Working days22)


First Saturday off for all

3rd-8th May21
7th May21


8th May 21

Regular classes Teaching Days(6)
Inter-house Badminton (SW)
Inter-house Carrom Competition(PW)
Inter-house Hindi Poem recitation (SW)

Mothers’ Day Celebration

!0th-15th May 21
14th May21
15th May 21

Regular Classes (Teaching Days 4)
Id-Ul-Fitr (GH)
Third Saturday off for students

17th-22nd May21

UT-I (Class XII) / PT-I (Class III-VIII)

22nd May 21

Last working day for Classes I-VIII


JUNE(working days 9)

1-5th June21
5th June21

Regular classes (Teaching days4)
First Saturday off for all

7th-10th June
11th June 21

Regular classes (Teaching Days4)

12th June-4thJuly

Summer Break(23 days)


JULY(working days 22)

5th  July 21

School Reopens



5th-10th July 21
7th July21
9th July21

10th July21

Regular Classes (Teaching days 6)
Clubs for Class IV
Artistic Creation ( Inter-Class Origami competition for classes III-VIII)
Orientation Program for Class IV

12th-17th July21
17th July 21

Regular classes( Teaching days 5)
Third Saturday Off for students


19th-24th July21
20st July21
24th July21


Regular classes (Teaching Days 4)
Id-Ul -Juha-GH



26th -31st July21
26th July21
30th July 21

Regular classes (Teaching Days 6)
Kargil Diwas (Special assembly)
Magazine front cover (Microsoft word for classes V-VIII)
Passionate about Poetry (Inter-house English Poem recitation PW)




2nd -7th Aug.21
6th Aug.21


7th Aug.21

Regular Classes (Teaching days 5)
Inter-house Basketball (SW)
Sunahre shabdon ki duniya-Story Narration for Class IV&V


First Saturday off for all

9th-14th Aug.21
13th Aug.21

14th Aug.21

Regular Classes (Teaching days 6)
Inter-house group song competition
Inter-house English debate (SW)
Investiture Ceremony

16th -21stAug.21

19th Aug.21
21st Aug.21


Regular classes (Teaching days4)
Third Saturday off for students

23rd-28th Aug.21
27th Aug.21


28th Aug.21

Regular Classes (Teaching Days 6)
Visit to MH(Cancer Ward)
Jirah- Inter-house hindi debate (SW)
Inter-Class Spell Bee for Class-5
Orientation Program for Class-III

30th Aug.21
31st Aug.21

Janamashtami –RH


September (Working days23)

1st-4th Sep.21
3rd Sep.21
4th Sep.21

Regular Classes (Teaching days 3)
Inter-house dance competition (Jhankar Beats)
First Saturday off for all

6th -11th Sep.
10th Sep.21
11th Sep.21

Regular classes (Teaching days 5)
Ganesh Chaturthi-RH
Orientation Program for Class I&II

13th-18th Sep.21
17th Sep.21


Regular classes (Teaching days 6)
Hindi week (Special assembly by Hindi department)
Nukkad Natak Class VI-VIII

20th-30thSep. 21

Half yearly Exams(III-XII) / Evaluation-I (Class I&II)








October(working days 17)

1st-2nd Oct.21
2nd Oct.

Teaching day (1)
First Saturday off for all

4th -9th Oct.21
6th Oct.21
7th Oct.
8th  Oct.21
9th Oct.21

Regular Classes( Teaching days5)
Clubs for class-III
Navratri Sthapana-RH
Dussehra Celebration
Parent Teacher Meet



Autumn Break(6days)


18th -23rd Oct.21
19th Oct.21

Regular classes (Teaching days 5)

25th -29th Oct.21
29th Oct.21


Regular classes (Teaching days 5)
Grandparent’s Day
Visit to Parliament (XI-XII)
App Designing (IX-XII)
Visit to Mother Teresa home



November (working days17)

1st -6th Nov.21

Diwali Holidays(3 days balance of Autumn break)

8th -13th Nov.21

 Activity week  ( Teaching days 5)
*Face Painting (Class VI-VII)
*Canvas Painting (Class IX-X)
*Collage making (Class IX-X)
*Royal Heritage Quiz(ClassVI-IX)
*Royal Rajasthan Quiz(Class V)
* Mock Parliament (IX-X)
*Inter-house Basketball (PW)
*Inter-class Volleyball (IX-XII)
*Inter-house English Debate(PW)

15th-20th Nov.21
!6th Nov.21
19th Nov.21

Regular classes Teaching days (4)
Field Trip for I-XII

22nd-1st Dec.21

Regular classes Teaching days (6)
Preboard –I /PT-3 (X-XII)


Regular classes Teaching days (2)


December(working days 18)

1st -4th Dec.21
3rd Dec.21

4th Dec.21

Regular classes Teaching days(3)
Inter-class football (Class-V)
Curtain raiser – Street Play for Class VI-VIII
First Saturday off for all

6th -11th Dec.21
!1th Dec.21


Regular Classes (Teaching days5)
Parent Teacher Meet (X-XII)

13th-20th Dec.21

PT-2 (III-VIII)/ Evaluation-II (Class-I&II)/ Preboard-II

21st -23rd Dec.
23rd Dec.21

Regular Classes (Teaching days 3)
Christmas Celebration(Joy of giving Week)

24th-31st Dec.

Winter Break






January (Working days 22)

3rd-8th Jan.22
7th Jan.21


8th Jan.22

Regular classes (Teaching days 5)
Funny Races for Class I&II
Inter-house Kho-Kho (SW)

Parent Teacher Meet

10th-15th Jan.22
14th Jan.22
15th Jan.22

Regular Classes (Teaching days 4)
Makar Sakranti –RH
Third Saturday off for all

17th-22nd Jan.22
21st  Jan.22

Regular Classes (Teaching days 6)

Puppet show for Classes I&II
Safety Quiz for Class III-V

26th Jan.22
28th Jan.22

Regular Classes (Teaching days 6)
Republic day Celebration
Sports day

30th -31st Jan.22

Regular Classes (Teaching days 2)


February (Working days 22)

1st -5th Feb.22
5th Feb.22

Regular Classes (Teaching days 4)
First Saturday off for all

7th Feb.22
14th Feb.22
28th Feb.

Annual Exams for IX-XI
Annual Exams for III-VIII / Evaluation-III  (Class I&II)
Result Declaration for IX-XI


March (Working days 22)

3rd  March 22
5th March 22

New session for IX-XII
First Saturday off for all

10th March.22

PTM (Class I-VIII)

11th March 22

Career Fest for Class XII

14th March 22

New Session begins

18th March 22


25th March 22

Aphorism (telling a story using Proverb)

29th March 22

Annual Day