Inclusive Education


Typically grown-ups or children with special needs, each child have theright to get equitable quality education.

A philosophy that embraces the idea that everyone has something of valueto contribute and that everyone has the right to belong is known as INCLUSION.Inclusion in education isbased on the belief that every child can learn and realise her full potential ifprovided equal opportunities to participate in school, supported with resourcesrequired as per her condition and taught in a manner appropriate to her needs.Ideally, a child must receive education in an environment that is the leastrestrictive and is most conducive to his/her needs.

  • Envisioning an education system where needs, experiences, values and perspectives of all learners, teachers and parents are respected.
  • Ensuring equity to all students by supporting and inspiring to success and fostering an enabling environment and a culture of high expectations for learning.
  • Promoting interdependence and independence by conducting group as well as individual activities.