Education helps society to achieve its objectives, gather its strengths, organise its resources and prepare it for the real challenges of the future by shaping its future generation in the right mould. For this, education has come out of its old mould of mere acquisition of knowledge. Now, it is more than syllabus oriented learning and is all inclusive.
It must touch the hearts and souls of individuals and thus lay the foundation of good moral values and character. At the same time, education must ensure students become confident and committed in whatever task they undertake because it is the students of today who are going to be the back bone of society.
In this perspective, we, the members of the Editorial Board, have endeavoured to bring to its readers ‘Kriti -2020’ in which the creative and hidden talents of students have been given a big platform through a bouquet of articles, poems, facts, jokes, photography, drawings etc. It thoroughly complements other facets of education being provided by the School.
I, on my behalf, and on behalf of the Editorial Board would like to thank the Principal, Mrs Gayatri Kulshreshtha, staff and students who have supported and contributed in bringing out this issue of the School Journal.

Happy Reading!
Jai Hind!
Satvinder Kaur Brar